It is heartily concerned that, after only 20 years of age or older, by the domination of the group, Bret Hart is now the only living member of The Heart Foundation, after Jim 'The Anvil' Niederhart, he was unhappy at 63 years of age.

10. A Blacksmith Almost Ruined His "Anvil" Moment

In his youth, Jim Neidhart found fame for excelling at strength-based track and field events, and was even a record high school shot putter. As strong as they come, Jim later (famously) hurled a 100lbs heavy anvil 11ft 2 inches at the Calgary Stampede. That caught everyone's attention, but Neidhart was almost upstaged by a skinny blacksmith.

9. Bret Hart Was Taken Aback By His Father's Dedication To Jim

It's not hard to see why a formerly rugged athlete like Stu Hart would take to a big rhino like Jim Neidhart almost immediately. According to Bret Hart in a 2015 interview with, his father saw a lot of similarities between his younger self and the NFL wannabe turned pro wrestler, so much so that he doted on Neidhart to the point it stunned the 'Hitman'.

8. Neidhart Initially Thought Stu Hart Was A Drunk

Looking at the then-63 year old veteran, Jim told RF Video in a 2004 shoot interview that he couldn't wrap his head around how the old b*stard could talk, let along take him down. Then, when Neidhart (who was a sprightly 22 at the time) locked horns with Stu, he began to understand what made him so well-respected.

7. Barry Darsow Accidentally Created His Trademark Look

Long before he teamed with Bret Hart as The Hart Foundation in the WWF, Jim Neidhart worked alongside future Demolition member Barry "Smash" Darsow in Florida. Together, the pair won the regionalised NWA United States Tag Team Championship, and they'd become good pals.

6. His Gruelling WWF Schedule Almost Topped The Iron Sheik

Countless wrestlers who worked it have told of the WWF's brutal touring schedule in the mid-to-late-'80s. Vince McMahon's company were on a mission to expand globally, and that meant his stars had to grit their teeth, pack their bags and travel from town-to-town nightly. On average, that meant approx. 300 nights away from home per year.

5. He Felt Inadequate As An Announcer

Jim Neidhart's colour commentary career was short-lived. In fact, there will be hardcore fans of the early-'90s who barely (if at all) remember it happening.
For a brief spell after the original Hart Foundation tag-team broke up in 1991, Neidhart sat alongside Gorilla Monsoon and Bobby 'The Brain' Heenan on episodes of Wrestling Challenge between March-August. The whole thing, he told 3 Count Wrestling, was a whirlwind learning process he wasn't cut out for.

4. He Secretly Had A Blast In WCW

Post-Montreal Screwjob, Neidhart left the WWF and sought solace with Bret Hart over in WCW. In the interview with 3 Count Wrestling, he said that he couldn't have cared less how the company used him in 1998, because he was making an absolute fortune on guaranteed money.

3. Owen Hart Regularly Ribbed Him In The New Foundation Days

Wearing silly outfits that made them look less menacing than a children's TV host, the pair were a clumsy follow up on Jim's pairing with Owen's brother Bret a few years earlier. Still, if he wasn't having fun in front of the cameras, then keen prankster Owen was going to have a laugh away from them on the road.

2. Once Blew Off Jimmy Page's Request For An Autograph

Jimmy Page rose to fame as lead guitarist for Led Zeppelin. Y'know, one of music's most famous names and a towering rock juggernaut who pioneered elements of heavy metal and expertly fused them with bits of blues and folk during their heyday. Jimmy's distinctive look also makes him hard to forget.

1. Anvil Spent Time In The Same Prison As Charles Manson

Back before he was a WWF star travelling the globe, young Jim Neidhart got himself into bother with the law for (according to his comments during the RF shoot) "attempted extortion" of Long Beach State. The school were worried that Jim had been collecting scholarship money despite not attending for six months.