Tuesday, 2 January 2018

why whatsapp was down in 1st january?

why whatsapp was down in 1st january?, yes so here i will be discussing in this topic. and that was true whatsapp was down in 1st january. and we will tell this may happen in future or not!!!...

why whatsapp was down in 1st january?

So, yes it was down as said by the director. and it was because of over user on 1st january.
first of all i would tell you whatsapp is taken by facebook. so, it is run by very big company. and many user's are there in whatsapp. so for that it is very important to keep everyting ok....
but then even it's server get's down which is very bad for any company. here they may get many bad reviews.
so, they should take care of it.

Now another question arises here, something like this will happen in future aslo?

For such questions my answer whould be no. because i think they will didn't like to get such bed reviews. so, may they give more importance to it. 
and as per server down, it because of users aslo. so, can't say anything.

let's see..... if such thing happens again i would tell as fast as possible.  

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