Saturday, 6 January 2018

Venom movie story, cast and crew | awesome facts

Venom movie story,cast and crew:-  Hello,viewers today I'm  going to share some exciting facts on movie venom story,cast and crew.



 Venom is an upcoming superhero       movie of america based on marvel   comics character of the same   name,produced by columbia pictures   and distributed by sony pictures.

Initial release:- 5 october 2018 (USA)

Story of the movie

a man develops superpower after becoming a  host to an alien.

Star of the movie

1.Tom hardy
2.Michelle Williams

Crew of the movie

1.Ruben Fleischer (Director of the movie)
2.Avi Ara(producer of the movie)
3.Scott Rosenberg (The screenplay of the movie)
4.Columbia Pictures(Production of the flim)

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