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Top 5 games played Indoor in 2018


Top 5 games played Indoor in 2018, here in this article i will be talking about 5 indoor games played worldwide. i hope this article will be very helpful for you. so let's start...

Top 5 games played Indoor in 2018

So as all of you know that games are how good for health. every body should play some thing. so if you don't like out door games as much. you can play indoor games. there is many indoor games which makes you physicaly fit. and also there is some games which are good for mind.

so, let's start with the list and i will be describe in brif about all the games.

1. Boxing

yes, as you all much about this game and it's mostly play indoor. it's an good indoor game for keeping your self fit. and yes it is risky game too. but then aslo it's having huge popularity worldwide. in country's like USA this is an very popular game.

2. Chess

here is another indoor game. it is good for brain. now a days it is also an world wide played popular game. but as we know it was invented in INDIA. and now it is liked by the whole world.

3. Futsal

Futsal is a variant of association football played on a hard court, smaller than a football pitch, and mainly indoors. It can be considered a version of five-a-side football.

4. Basketball

it is another popular game played worldwide. it is generally played by two teams. as like football. but in this game ball is driped by hands only. and the goal are only a busket like structure.

5. Badminton 

Badminton is a racquet sport played using racquets to hit a shuttlecock across a net. Although it may be played with larger teams, the most common forms of the game are "singles" and "doubles".

so, this article ends here. if you have any doubt please do comment. and as per your comments article may be get longer.


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