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Earthquake facts | effects | devices used to measure earthquake | precaution and safety methods.

Earthquake facts | effects |  devices used to measure earthquake | precaution and safety methods.

An earthquake is the shaking of ground caused by the movement  of the earth's crust. consequences  of the sudden release of energy in the earth's lithosphere that create seismic wave.  Earthquake are of different  frequencies and ranges some of them are so feeble that couldn't be felt and some of them are too strong that can easily ruined a city.

The seismic activity can be described as types,frequency and the size of earthquake happens over an certain area.

Earthquake causes heavy damage in cities like broke down of high building,bridge, malls and etc. Infact it causes displacement of land but if the epicentre of high frequency earthquake is located offshore due to displacement of sea beds it's enough to create a tsunami and it also causes landslide and occasionally trigger the volcanic activity.

Basically the word earthquake describe any seismic  activity.  Wheather it is natural or caused by the humans in both the cases seismic wave generates. Earthquake are mostly cause because of geographical faults but also with the other activities like landslide,volcanic  activity, mine blast and nuclear test. 

An earthquake intial breakdown point is called as focus and same is also known as hypocenter and the epicenter is the point exactly below the hypocenter.

Seismologist actually use two main device to measure an earthquake one is seismograph and other is seismoscope . The seismograph has the three main devices, The richter magnitude scale, the moment magnitude scale,and the modified mercalli intensity scale. Unlike other technological devices this is an simple measuring  device . seismograph is the oldest and accurate device to measure earthquake.

 Precaution of earthquakes :-

  1. Install latches on doors and cubboard to prevent them from opening during a quake.
  2. Use non-skid shelf liner for kitchen and bathroom.
  3. Store heavy item in lower cabinet  so that they don't became the dangerous projectile.
  4. Update the home insurance policy.
  5. Be sure the home construction should be earthquake proof.
  6. Make a simple box and kept copy of every document like birth certificate,home insurance etc. so it could be easily acces.

Safety methods  during earthquake :-

  1. If it is possible then get out of house and go out in an open field
  2. If it not possible to go out, seek for a strong object like bed or table and get under it... to be safe from injury.
  3. Never ever chose elevator or lift .
  4. If cooking then turn off the heat.
  5. If driving then stop and get to an open place where trees or power line

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